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Multipure AquaVERSA (Below-The-Sink Installation)

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Php 43,990.00
Installation Fee:Php 1,500.00

The Multipure AquaVERSA is a durable, stainless-steel water filter with the versatility to work on the countertop or below the sink. It provides all the taste and health benefits of Multipure filtered water, in a sturdy, easy-to-install package.

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  • Easy and convenient to use; provides delicious, clear, healthier drinking water whenever you need it; 
  • Better-tasting beverages - coffee, tea, juices, and drinks of all kinds; 
  • Use for food preparation improving the taste of fruits and vegetables; 
  • Highest quality water for cooking - better pasta and sauces, soups, etc.; 
  • Your pets will love it too!; 
  • Guaranteed quality backed by an outstanding customer satisfaction guarantee and warranty; 
  • Cost-effective solution to meet your budget and replaces costly bottled water;
  • Attaches easily to your faucet without tools; and
  • Reliable protection for all of your family's drinking water needs.


Housing Composition: Stainless Steel 

Faucet Composition: Chrome plated lead-free

Rubber Items: Silicone

Inlet: 1/8" NPT

Outlet: 1/8" NPT

Replacement Filter: HC-FR-002-0001

Approximate Capacity: 750 Gallons

Approximate Flow Rate: 0.75gpm @ 60psi

Water Pressure: 100 psi max/ 30 psi min

Housing Dimension: 8.5"h x 5.75"w

Particulate Retention Size: Sub Micron



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Multipure,  Multipure Drinking Water System ,  Drinking Water

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