1. What is MyTLC essential oils?

MyTLC essential oils is a synergy blend of eight (8) natural ingredients, namely, elemi essential oil, grapeseed essential oil, mandarin essential oil, spearmint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, lemon essential oil, calamansi essential oil, and frankincense essential oil.

2. What does MyTLC essential oils do to my body?

It helps uplift, soothe, and calm one's being: boost energy and alleviates pain. 

3. I just purchased MyTLC essential oils, how do I use it?

Topical application: put 2-3 drops on your palm.  Massage onto affected area. 

Inhalation: Put 2 or mor edrops on your palm. Rub and cup your hands together over the nose and inhale. 

4. What is the shelf life of MyTLC essential oils?

MyTLC is best used up to two (2) years. 

5. How do I sstore MyTLC essential oils?

Keep bottle tightly closed after use.  Store in cool, dark place.

6. What precautionary measures do I need to know when using MyTLC essential oils?

Keep out of reach of children.  Conduct a patch to check skin's reaction.  Wash your forearm wuth unscented soap.  Pat dry. Rub a few drops of diluted essential oil into a small patch of your forearam.  Wait 24 hours.  Remove the gauze.  If you experience discomfort before the 24-hour period, discontinue use. 

7. Can I use MyTLC essential oils during pregnancy/ nursing?

While there are some essential oils that a pregnant or nursing woman should never use, there are a few that are considered safe for use during prenatal massages or thorugh the diffuser method.  According to one study, some essential oils may be effective in reducing anxiety and fear regarding child birth.  If you're interested in using essential oils during pregnancy, talk to your healthcare provider and midwife before use. 

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