Multipure aquaVERSA

Under Sink / Counter Top Water Filter

Clean drinking water is crucial to every home, and we cannot always rely on the water company to filter out all of the contaminants that may find their way into our tap water. Fortunately, you don't have to, thanks to Multipure's aquaVERSA - the water filtration system that is appropriate for any home or even your office. 


The aquaVERSA is a compact, stainless-steel drinking water system that installs quickly on the countertop or under the sink.  It is NSF-certified to treat contaminants of health concern (Std. 53), contaminants of aesthetic concern (Std. 42), and emerging contaminants/incidental compounds (Std. 401).  You and your family can enjoy water filtered byt the aquaVERSA without worrying about unacceptable levels of contamination. 

Benefits & Features

The aquaVERSA offers a wide variety of useful and convenient features that help it stand out compared to less-capable drinking water filtration systems.  These features include: 

  • Better Tasting Water - If you're used to ordinary tap water, you may not even realize how various contaminants can negatiely affect its tasste, but you'll notice the difference the moment you start drinking water that's been filtered through the aquaVERSA.  Not only does Multipure's aquaVERSA water taste better, but it can make coffee, tea, and other beverages taste better. 
  • Healthier Water - As an NSF-certified water filatration system , the aquaVERSA can help protect your family from dangerous contaminants that can normally be found in higher-than-desirable concentrations in regular tap water.
  • Better Cooking - Cooking with water that has been through the Aquaversa countertop or under sink water filter system means that taste-altering or health-threatening contaminants in tap water will be filtered out before they can affect your food.
  • Flexible To Meet The Needs of Almost Any Kitchen - Even if you lead a busy lifestyle, you can have your aquaVERSA water filter up and ready to go almost immediately. Install it based on the needs of your kitchen and your space requirements. If there's no room on the counter, attach it hidden away as an under sink water filter. If the area under your sink is occupied, you can easily attach it to the sink from the countertop.
  • Treat Your Pets Right - You don't have to consider the expense of buying bottled water for your pets or feeding them potentially contaminated tap water when you have an Aquaversa water filter. Fill their bowls right from the Aquaversa filtered water spout, confident that they are getting the same cleaner, healthier water that you are.
  • Save Money - Speaking of bottled water, you can end your relationship with bottled water for good once your aquaVERSA water filtration system is in place. No more stretching the budget to make sure your family gets healthy water, and no more adding to the burden of disposable plastic bottled water in the environment.

On top of alll these features, you will appreciate Multipure's unparalleled customer satisfaction guarantee and warranty for your aquaVERSA system. Order yours now and enjoy it for years to come. 

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