Multipure aquaMINI

If you have a Multipure water filter at home, you know how it can change your life.  Having better tasting, cleaner water coming directly from your faucet's is more than a convenience-- it's a necessity.  The problem is that you always need cleaner water, but you're not always at home.  The solution is the aquaMINI portable drinking water filter from Multipure. 


You'll never miss your Multipure solid carbon block filter, because you can always carry it around with you in this travel water filtration system.  This is the best travel water filter for people who want to be able to make Multipure carbon block filtration wherever you go.


The aquaMINI travel water filter reduces many contaminants that can negatively affect the way your water tastes and smells.  It offers cleaner water without a lot of installation and setup hassles.  In fact, its compact size means you can carry it around with you wherever you go. You can easily have clean, filtered water in your hotel room, vacation home, or sataelite office, and it's compact, attractive stainless-steel housing fits on almost any countertop.


Enjoy Compact convenience & Portability With the Multipure AquaMini Travel Water Filtration System

You cannot beat the Multipure aquaMINI for convenience. Drop this 6" x 5" filter in your bag and have it ready whenever you arrive at your destination. You can use the aquaMINI in hotel rooms, dorm rooms, offices, and recreational vehicles. There's even room to carry more than one if you plan to filter multiple taps.


The aquaMINI connects directly to the sink, so you can have it up and ready in minutes, and counter space is of little concern because it is compact enough to easily rest on even a small motel room countertop. If there is enough room for a glass of water near the sink, there is enough room for the aquaMINI.


Peace of Mind & Cleaner, Better Tasting Water on the GO with the aquaMINI

The aquaMINI portable drinking water filter is a great way to help protect you and your family from undesirable water contaminants. Give them to your kids for their college dorm rooms if you're worried about them drinking healthy water during the semester. Bring them along on family trips and use them in hotels, RVs, or to your vacation home. With the aquaMINI, you'll never have to be without great tasting, healthier water again.


Order aquaMINI travel water filter systems from Multipure now and enjoy better water no matter where life may take you.

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