A step-by step program that walks you through a business solution which best suites your personal strengths, style and preferences. LEAP can easily turn into the most rewarding endeavor with a simple to follow method, combined with unliminted and suistainable income opportunities paid bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. 

10 Ways to Earn (10R's to Earn)


1. Retail Income  - As a Legánde Entrepreneur, you can’t help but share about the great benefits of our products. Your word of mouth endorsements will turn into a sales opportunity that eventually translates into an income with no monthly requirements. Retail income ranges from 15% - 30% for Home Essentials, 9% - 15% for Home Consumables and 15% - 25% for Health and Beauty Essentials.


2. Rank Advancement Bonus - Legánde offers a career path in every rank achieved, Entrepreneurs receive a one time fixed amount that ranges from ₱2,000.00- ₱25,000.00 to be paid the following month after achieving the requirements for rank advancement.


3. Residual Income - Being an Entrepreneur may expand into sponsoring and eventually lead a team of successful like-minded Entrepreneurs. Residual income is based on team members’ product sales and payout ranges from 10% - 40% of commissionable value (CV) up to ten levels depending on rank.


4. Rebate Sales Bonus (RSB) - Your total team sales performance is rewarded when it meets the monthly goal, which is dependent on the entrepreneur’s rank. RSB is computed as a percentage of 9% of commissionable value. 


5. Rainmaker Achievement Bonus (RAB) - Achieving a stretched goal is not left unnoticed since Legánde gives additional bonus. Each rank from Ranger onwards is provided with a monthly goal. RAB is computed as a percentage of 8% of commissionable value. 


6. Regents Circle Bonus - As a Legánde Warrior you can aspire to climb the ladder of success and be entitled to more compensation and incentives. This leadership bonus is given to those who have attained the rank of Master onwards. Seven percent (7%) of the total commissionable value is set aside to be shared among those qualified up to four levels only and is paid quarterly. Entrepreneur needs to have a residency period relative to his rank for three months to be qualified for the bonus.


7.Royal Crown Bonus - We save the best for our most elite and revered Legend and Grand Legend Entrepreneurs. Up to a total of one (1%) of the total commissionable value is set aside to be shared among those qualified up to ten (10) levels only and is paid annually. Entrepreneurs need to have a residency period relative to his rank for three months to be qualified for the bonus. 


8. Replicating Premium - Having developed a team member (Direct Sponsor)  in the same rank as the team leader (Grand Legend) is no mean feat. It takes constant coaching and mentoring.  Legánde gives credit where it is due. A one-time cash gift of Php 10,000 is awarded as token of appreciation for a job well done. 


9. Reliance Hub Income - Additional 5% based on suggested retail price, net of VAT on top of the retail income.  Rank of Master onward have the option to own his own hub where selling and sponsorship happens. 


10. Rewards - Aside from the unlimited income potential, entrepreneur enjoys perks either through prizes, point redemption, or travel incentives. A way to unwind, relax, or enjoy your hard earned labor. for every Php 150 spend on Legánde products earns you one (1) point. 

Legánde Terminology

  • Point Value (PV) - point value, the amount used as credit for performance qualification (bonuses, rewards, recognition) and is the basis of the monthly loyaty purchases. 
  • Commissionable Value (CV) - commissionable value, the amount to which the bonus rates are applied and computed. 
  • Sponsor - entrepeneur who enrolls another entrepreneur. 
  • Team Leader - coaches, mentors, guides, supervises team members in an organization. 
  • Team Member - part of the team leader's organization, sells or sponsors. 
  • Team Point Value - total point value in an organization.
  • Personal Point Value - performance of the individual team member.
  • Placement  - position in the sponsor's tree organization in which an enrolled entrepenuer is place.
  • Level - number of depths in the tree organization.
  • Rank - entrepneur's title upon achievement of certain requirements.
  • Monthly Loyalty Purchase - minium amount needed depending on the rank to qualify for the bonuses.

Types of Entrepreneurs

  • Active Entrepreneurs - are Entrepeneurs who are qualified for their monthly loyalty purchase. Commissions and bonuses on the full ten levels (if eligible) of active entreprenuers in the downline network. 
  • Inactive Entreprenuers - are Entrepreneurs who are not qualified to receive commissions and bonsues because of no or missing PV of the monthly loyatly purchase.
  • Dormant Entrepreneurs - those who have not made any monhtly loyalty purchase for 12 consecutive months; as a result they are permantly removed from the Entrepreneur's database, but remain on file as a customer. 


  • Both Active and Inactive Entreprenuers receive retail income on their personal sales, based on their Rank.
  • Commissions and bonuses on downline sales are paid only to Entrepreneurs who made their monthly loyatly purchase.
  • Network commissions and bonuses will be paid to the first ten levels of active entrepreneurs in the downline network, if applicable.
  • Legánde's Compensation Plan is subject to change without notice. Please visit www.legande.com to view the latest version of the Legánde Compensation Plan.

Income Disclaimer: The chart and the earnings figures displayed do not constitute a promise or guarantee of income. The success and potential earnings of a Legánde Entrepreneur are dependent upon various factors including, but not limited to, business skill, communication ability, interpersonal relations, work effort, and market conditions. Multipure does not guarantee any level of income or success.