What is Enzyme?

Enzymes are the catalysts in various biochemical reactions. They are present in all living cells to activate the energy in the cells and exhibit all kinds of life signs.  Without enzymes, eggs and sperms cannot combine with each other, and plants cannot undergo phtosynthesis.  As a result, all cellular activities will not have sufficient energy and the cells will not demonstrate life signs. 


Dr. Humbert Santillo in the United States who promoted natural healing said that the human body is like a light bulb and the enzymes are like electric current.  Only the light bulb charged with electric current can illuminate.  Therefore, we are like the light bulb that does not illuminate without electricity. 


How many enzymes are present in the human body? SOme people say 1,500, some say from 4,000 or even 10,000.  However, no one knows how many enzymes are actually present in the human body and the answer remains a mystery.  Ther are more than 700 enzymes that have been identified and named.  The special functions and properties of enzymes have drawn a lot of attention and many scientists are studying enzymes around the clock.  We believe that the Age of Enzymes will follow the Age of Vitamins. 


Food Enyzmes can be classified into the following four (4) categories:

  • Lipases - Degradation of Lipids
  • Proteinanses -Degradation of Proteins
  • Cellulases - Degradation of Celluloses
  • Amylases - Degradation of Starch

Researches mentions that enzymes can digest starch into glucose, protein into amino acids, and fat into fatty acids that are the nutrients to be absorbed by the cells. 


Enzymes consist of proteins but proteins are not necessary enzymes. Due to the specificity of enzyme, each enzyme has its sole unique function.  All enzymes work together to maintain the normal operation of each function of the human body.  The muscular movement, neural transmission, heart beat, thinling, digestion of food, tissue construction and repair, and improvement of detoxification function all require enzymes for the activation of these functions. Therefore, there would be no life without enzyme. 


In 1997, three (3) academic professors in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Denmark received the Nobel Prize for thier pioneer work in the studies of enzymes for the storage and conversion of energy. Professor Boyer indicated that enzymes are like the currency of cells to demonstrate the importance of enzymes to the human body. 


Relationship Between Enzymes and the Human Body

Enzymes are unique and complicated proteins as teh most important mediators in teh chemical reactions during the metabolic process.  In other words, no chemical reactions of the metabolic process could occur if there are no enzymes in the human body leading cell death. 


The human body is like a sophisticated chemical factory where innumerable chemical reations take place quietly around the clock in all teh organs.  More importantly, millions of enzymes are required to work together and perform their individual functions for the chemical reatcions to take place efficiently.  However, certain enzymes will be consumed during the chemical processes. Some of the enzymes can be produced in the human body but most of them are supplied constantly from food to maintain the balance of enzymes in the human body.  


A deficiency of enzymes will lead to the metabolic disorders or even severe symptoms in some organs with teh warning signs of life. Therefore, the most important concept for maintaining the healthy body no longer involves the use of medicine to treat diseases.  Instead, the proper measures to maintain the normal operations of the metabolic process in the body are required to stop the diseases from happening naturally.  The constant supplementation of enzymes becomes the only viable measure for maintaing the healthy body. 


It is well known. that all chemical conversions require catalysts, high blood pressure, or elevated temperature to occur. For example, the digestion of a piece of meat into amino acids in teh laboratory requires boiling the meat in a concentrated acidic solution for one day.  However, the enzymes in the body only need 2-3 hours at the temperature below 40oc to digest the meat.  Enzymes can be used to decompose chemical substances as well as synthesize them. For example, some enzymes can be used to extract amino acids produced in the blood and muscles to synthesize completely different materials for the muscles. Moreover, some enzymes can convert sugar to creatinine to be stored in the liver to supply energy when necessary. 


If the cells are considered as the factories, the enzymes are considered as teh machines or the engineers. Some enzymes are responsible for oxidation and combustion.  They can cause a series  of chemcial reaction to a small piece of food to produce the most amazing chemical substance, adenosine triphosphate (ATP).  ATP is like an excellent battery to release energy for the contraction of muscular fibers.  When the heart beats or the lungs breath, the energy is provided by ATP.  The same energy process also occurs in the neural system when enzymes can synthesize acetylcholine that can release a tiny amount of energy to convey signals across the neural terminals for signal transduction. The existence of enzymes is mysterious, miraculous, and beyond comprehension.  Therefore, enzymes well deserve to be called the magicians of life. 


Enzyme Deficiency and Supplementation

Enzyme deficiency can lead to the accelerated aging process of the body. On the other hand, the body becomes healthier when there are more enzymes. Why does enzyme deficiency occur? First, the poor dietary habit (preferring acidic or alkaline food) will cause the imbalance of the pH.  The most favorable pH of the blood is slightly basic depending on the dietary habit. Second, the elevated temperature will destroy enzymes especially when the food is cooked or processed under high pressure.  Most of the enzymes are destroyed when the temperature exceeds 50oc.  Therefore, enzymes are no longer present in the cooked or processed food.  The absence of enzymes in thew food will cause the overwork of the digestive organs.  The enzymes in the food are responsible for 75% of the digestion of food which becomes the sole responsibility of the digestive organs.  The enormous energy required for the digestionof food depends on the support from the other organs in the body. As a result, most people feel dizzy or tired after a big meal.  When those enzymes in the immune system will be deprived and unable to operate for maintaining the health of the body leading to the formation of many degenerative diseases. 


The energy provided by the enzymes is proportional to the amounts of hte available enzymes.  As the age increases, the amounts of enzymes decrease gradually. When teh need for metabolism is no longer satisfied by the remaining enzymes, a person will die.  More and more disease symptoms will emerge as teh functions of enzymes in the body decline.  In order to solve these problems, a normal dietary habit and a healthy living environment are the most important remedies. 


The current society and environment may not be suitable for a person to enjoy life due to the pollution of air and water and the use of pesticides,  western medicine, and preservatives, etc.  That affect the functions of enzymes directly.  Another remedy involves the introduction of the enzymes identical to those already present in the body.  If more external enzymes are absorbed, the available enzymes will not be consumed immediately.  Those enzymes involved in the metabolic process will be evenly distributed in each organ.  Therefore, anyomne who wants to maintain the health of the body should acquire enzymes from the external sources. 


There are two (2) major ways to acquire enzymes from the external sources.  One is to eat fresh and raw food and the other is to take enzyme supplements.  Eating fresh and raw food is inconvenient and time-consuming and there is a limited number of fresh and raw foods that can be consumed.  Furthermore, the safety issue due to the change of the macro-environment should be taken into consideration.  Since it is unclear how much and how many enzymes are deficient in the body, the safest and the most convenient and effective way to acquire external enzymes is to take the natural enzyme complex product. 


Classification of Enzymes

Enzymes can be classifed into the single enzymes and the enzyme complexes.  The single eznymes refer to one single enzyme for each single entity. For example, papaya contains papain and wheat grass contains wheatgrass enzyme.  However, each single enzyme is unable to work for the other single entity, i.e. each enzyme only works for one single entity.  On the other hand, the enzyme complexes refer to the assortnments of many single enzymes with multiple effects. 


During the manufacturing process, enzymes can be classified into the liquid enzymes and the powder enzymes.  The liquid enzymes are produced from cultivation and fermentation, and the powder enzymes are produced from extraction.  Both liquid and powder enzymes are enzyme complexes. The powder enzymes can be shaped into particles by mechanical methods. Since enzymes are active by nature, teh activities of enzymes in the powder or particle forms of enzyme are more difficult to maintain. As a result, it is well recognized that only 1/3 of the activity is maintained compared to the liquid enzymes.  The advantage of the powder or particle form of enzymes lies in the convenience of packaging and shipping. However, the liquid form still provides the most favorable therapeutic effects. 


Enzymes can be classified into the tranferases and the digestive enzymes based on their functions.   There are more than 1,000 transferases in the human body responsible for catalyzing the transfer of various nutrients required by the cells to absorb (anabolism).  On the other hand, the digestive enzymes are involved in the digestion of food, the cleansing of the intestines, and the elimination of waste substances (catabolism).  Consequently, the ingestion of nutrious food or the administration of efficacious medicine will not be effective if there are no enzymes. 


Selection of Commercially Available Enzyme Products

After the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awared in 1997, Ming-Chao Lin, Ph.D. in Bio Chemistry published an article on enzymes in the newspaper titled "Enzyme Deficiency Leads to Unsatisfactory Health Care and Disease Treatment."  


He pointed out that the effects of nutrition, medicine, exercise, and Qiqong could not be observed if there are not sufficient amounts of enzymes present in the human body.  It is well known that the balanced nutrition (5 major classes and hundred of types) is required by human body.  However, some people are not aware that the enzymes are required to process (by catalytic conversion) all nutrients into the essential nutrients to be absorbed by the body.


Furthermore, most people ar enot aware that the 3 major essential nutrients, glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids also require enzymes and water before they cna combine with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in order to produce the cellular substances of the blood, skins, muscles, hair, bones, internal organs, and endocrine glands.  Scientists even discovered that the leukocytes in the body can kill bacteria, and the liver and detoxifying organs can remove the toxic substances thanks to the direct or indirect functions and the decomposition ability of the enzymes.  Therefore, enzyme deficiency will lead to the inefficient absorption of the ingested nutrients, the loss of efficacy of the administered medicine, and the impaired detoxification functions of the body.  Since enzymes come from the natural, uncooked food, no wonder Chinese people who eat cooked food usually suffer from disesases of civilization such as diabetes mellitus, liver diseases, kidney diseases, or even untreatable cancers.  Moreover, the number of patients continues to increase as the development of medicine advances. 


Therefore, the use of natural enzyme supplements for your body is an urgent matter that requires your immediate attention. 


  • Choose enzyme complexes.  The excessive intake of enzyme complexes will not cause any side effects becuase they will be excreted out of the body naturally. 
  • Choose products containing the smallest quantities of preservatives, flavors, and activity control agents. 
  • Choose heat and acid resitant enzymes that stay active and work longer with better effects in the body. 
  • Choose the enzyme products manufactured by the legal and qualified factories for the best quality. 


Natural Enzyme Complex as Supply of Health

Human diseases are usually caused by the loss of activities or balance of certain enzymes in the body.  Approximately 115 diseases are associated with the disorders of enzyme. Therefore, there is no other better and faster alternative for the treatment of diseases other than supplying natural enzymes. Besides human being, all living beings in the world depend on enzymes to live.  Based on the above, enzymes are the key to the healthy life. 


The best way to a healthy life is to maintain a balanced nutrition, be sure to excercies, and take plenty of enzymes. Even tiwth sufficient nutrition, a deficiency of enzymes can stifle the adequated chemical reactions needed to digest and excrete excess nutritions from the body.  This over accumulatioon of nutrition increases the burdens upon sesveral organs, and gradually producing more and more disease. That is why obesity is the leading cause of all disease.  Many people have a superficial understanding abou the importance of nutrition.  Without new information on the importance of supplying enzymes in additiokn to nutrition, serious injuries to health may occur. 


Enzyme Complex are the Savior of Public Nuisance Disease

Public nuisance diseases are the by-products of the industrial era.  The use of pesticides, the production of various metals by factories, heavey metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, copper, etc., have all polluted our water, air, soil, crops, food, and environment. As a result, we are exposed to many heavey metals everyday without our knowledge.  Fortunately, the level of exposure to these heavy metals is rather low and the body can excrete  them harmlessly.  A signficantly high level of exposure to certain heavy metals that cannot be exreted out of the body, however, will lead to the accumulation of this heavy metal in the blood and the cells.  As time passes, more and more mysterious and severe diseases become public nuisance diseases. 


The vicitims of these public nuisance diseases are virtually untreatble and have to suffer the rest of their lives.  The horrible fact is that each one of us may becom ea victim of public nuisance diseases. Fortunately, enzymes have the powerful yet msyerious ability to decompose and separate heavy metals and toxic substances in the blood and the cells.  The heavy metals and toxic substances can be quickly and efficiently removed and eliminated from the body. Therefore, enzymes are the promised Savior for patients who suffer from public nuisance diseases. 


Unique Results in the Treatment of Acne

Acnes occurs naturally when tehre is an excess of hormonal secretions in young adults.  However, the care for these secretions in hair follicles may cause infections easily if not properly handled.  Problems may arise when the hair follicles become irritated and acne becomes infected.  If the inflammation is improperly cared for, each pore may become infected nad result in red, irritated acne over the entire face.  The safest and most effective treatment is complex enzymes taken orally to eliminate the secretions in the hair follicles.


Control of Hypertension and Improved Circulation

In theory, hypertension is not a disease buty a sign of vascular sclerosis, or the blockage of passages.  Among the many factors that cna lead to vascular sclerosis, cholesterol and high-density lipoprotein in the blood are considered critical factors.  the deficiency of certain enzymes inhibits the decomposition and absorption of cholesterol and hig-density lipoprotein. 


As a result, these accumulate on the arterial walls and lead to the formation of vascular sclerosis.  Blood clots are easily formed in the peripheral capillaries after the formation of vascular sclerosis.  These blood clots are squeezed out of hte peripheral cappilaries and block the cerebral capillaries, resulting in a stroke.  When the cardiac capillaries are blocked, the patient will die of myocraidal infraction (heart failure).  Even if the patient's life can be saved, the patient may become permanently disabled. According to the World Health Organization myocardial infraction is one of the top 10 causes of death in the world. 


The regular ingestion of enzymes can cure this problem and avoid these terrible consequences, since enzymes are very good at decomposing waste, cholesterol, high density lipoprotein, and blood clots in the blood.  People with signs of hypertension, should take enzymes for an extended period of time to control, and improve the symptoms of the disese and even prevent heart disease to happen. 

Conversion of Cholesterol to Valuable Substances

Cholesterol is essential to the human body; it is required for teh syntehsis of bile, hormones, and cellular membranes.  Sufficient amounts of enzymes in the blood are needed to convert chloesterol into valuable substances.  Cholesterol must be ionized before it can be absorbed, otherwise it will precipitate upon the vascular walls and lead to vascular sclerosis.  Most people listed to exaggerated reports in the newspapers and magazines, and fear cholesterol as a silent killer--many even avoid foods that contain cholesterol, which is like avoiding food becasue you are afrain of choking.  In order to avoid such mistakes, the regular supplementation of enzymes is absolutely necessary, becuase enzymes cna convert the cholesterol that people consider harmful, into something valuable for the human body. For instance, people who take enzymes frequently have significantly imrpoved sexual desire and peroformance, proving that enzymes can convert cholesterol in the blood into hormones.


Treatments for Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers

Enzymes are surprisingly effective for the treatments of gastric and duodenal ulcers.  Ulcers are caused by the erosion of the gastric and intestinal walls by the abnormal secretion of gastric acid and is a major factor contributing to such diseases. The general treatments of ulcers only focus on treating the location of ulcer, or uses medicine to neutralize gastric acid.  owever, the modulation of the secretion of gastric acid, which is the fundamental cuase of the disease, is ususally overlooked. This inadequate treatment of ulcers usually requires 8-10 years.  On the other hand, the use of enzyme complex shows an immediate effect, and helps torestore the patient's confidence in the treatment.  Enzymes' superior ability in modulating internal sectretion and treating inflammation should make the ingestion of enzymes the fundamental treatment of ulcers through the effective modulation of gastric acid secretion. Enzymes' powerful anti-inflammatory effect can easily treat the location of the ulcer.  After the occurrence of hte ulcer is confirmed, the ingestion of enzymes should start with the small quantity.  Ingesting too many enzymes, and their powerful bactericidal effect may cause irrirtation.  If the patient can bear the pain for a few minutes, the application of the ingestion of enzymes for treating ulcer will be surprsingly effective. 


Use of Enzyme Complexes to Remove Toxic Substances Remaining in the Blood

The drug injury is the disease associated with the injuries of the organs caused by the remaining toxic subtances after the use of drugs. After the injury occurs, the use of the other drugs will also cause more injuries leading to the occurrence of many diseases at the same time. It is frequently observed in patients who take drugs chronically. 


The use of drugs should be focused onthe disease to be treated for the cure ofthe disease immediately following the use of the drugs. Otherwise, many injuries will occur after the use of drugs. In fact, many diseases are cuased by the deficiency of certain enzymes in the body resulting in serious metabolic disorders. 


The treatment is totally dependent on the use of drugs does not benefit the patients at all and may lead to the worsening of the disease. The supplementation of enzymes can cure the disease easily and eliminate the toxic substances remaining in the blood immediately. It is the most effective and essential way to keep a person healthy. Therefore, enzymes are the saviors in the era of drug injuries. 


Natural Enzyme Complex for Healthy Living

Do you know that the former US president, George H. Bush, the president of West Germany Weizsäcker and his wife, and the famous movie star Sylvester Stallone believe in the use of enzymes for healthy living.


Recently, the use of edible enzymes for healthy livng has become very popular in the German-speaking areas in Europe.  They are considered not only for useful in protecting health but also for improvoing looks, slowing down the aging process, improving physical strength, and prolonging life.  The BUNTE magazine, popular in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, published an article discussing the importance of enzymes to the health. 


The article pointed out that enzymes are the major substances in the production of nutritional food and serve as the cornerstones of life becasue they promote the metabolism of cells and decelerate the aging process.  The article also indicated that when a person feels tired all the time, he or she gets angry, suffers from cold, becomes obses, and gets facial wrinkles easily, these are all the warning signs of a health conditions suggesting enzyme deficiency. 


Absorption of Enzymes by the Human Body

BUNTE magazine stated that: 

  • Enzymes can be absorbed from the pancreas, which is like a tiny biochemcial factory responsible for the production of the fluid that contains large quantities of enzymes everyday.
  • Enzymes can be absorbed from our daily food, including vegetables and fruits such as apples, papayas, pineapples, kiwi, and mulberries. Meats, fish, and milk also contain enzymes, however, enzymes from these sources are destroyed at temperatures above 50oc.
  • Enymes can be absorbed from eznyme products and pellets. The edible enzyme products prevalent in Europe now are considered as nutritional food but not durgs.


Six  Effects of Enzymes for Treating Diseases

  • Regulation of the Environment in the Body - This effect is able to adjust blood pH to become sllightly basic, remove toxic substances in teh body, maintain the balance of baterial colonies in the intestines, strengthen the cells, promote digestion, enhance the immune system and maintain the general balance of the body. 
  • Anti-inflammation - Inflammation occurs when cells are injured and bacteria grows.  Enzymes can transport leukocytes and maintain the functions of leukocytes to treat inflammation and imrpove the activities of the injured cells. 
  • Bacterial Resistance - Enzymes can promote the bactericidal activity of leukocytes. They can also fight against, and kill bacteria.  Enzymes can also promote the regeneration of cells.  Therefore, enzymes can be used to treat diseases. 
  • Decomposition - Decomposition is an important function of enzymes that eliminates waste accumulated in diseased locations or blood vessels, leading to the restoration of the normal functions.  It also promotes the digestion and absorption of food. 
  • Purification of Blood - Enzymes can eliminate the wastes in the blood from the body and wipe out viruses that cuase inflammation.  They can also break down cholesterol that increases the blood acidity and adjust the blood pH to be slightly basic resulting in the smooth circulation of blood. 
  • Regeneration of Cells - Enzymes can promote cellular metabolism to improve physical strength and stimulate the regeneration of damaged cells.  All patients depend on the natural healing ability of thier bodies to treat their diseases. Antibiotics with special effects can kill bacteria but not rtegenerate new cells. 

The enzymes that have these 6 properties are associated with mediatiokn of enzymes.  Becuase these effects occur simultaneously, not independently, they differ from teh effects of ordinary drugs.  The utilization of these effects from the treatment of diseases will take some time, however, it serves as a cure for the entire body rather than the treatment of a single disease.


Comparison of Natural Enzyme Complex and General Medicine

Enzymes use all six effects simultaneously to treat diseases.  Therefore, they require a longer period of time but offer the fundamental treatment for the entire body.  On the other hand, drugs suppress the pain and depend on the natural healing ability to treat diseases. The most significant difference between enzytmes and ordinary drugs lies in the fact that drugs cannot improve physical strength and enzymes are not toxic.


Enzymes are the natural antibiotics.  The combined use of enzymes and antibiotics provide double the effects.  Ordinary drugs are antibacterial, therefore, it is no surprise that using of ordinary drugs in combinatiion with enzymes can imrpove physical health, fight against bacteria, and activate the cells will privde double the effcts. 


   Vegtable Enzyme Complex Ordinary Drug
Treatment Treament of the cause Treatment of the symptoms
Treatment Period Long-term Short-term
Dose Not Regulated Strictly Regulated
Side Effects None Major Side Effects
Course Improvement of physical strength followed by healing disease Symptoms disappear immediately but return once the effect is interupted
Efficacy Insignificant efficacy with gradual recovery Symptom relapse and difficulty in curing
Chronic Use Chronic use recommened Chronic use not recommended
Indications Extensive indications limited indications
Drug Effects Broad drug effects with multiple benefits Limited drug effects for limited diseases
Combination Use Applicable without limitation Careful consideration required
Toxicity None Strong Cytotoxicity


People in Need of Natural Enzyme Complex

  • People who want to improve their physical condition, enhance health, and restore health.
  • People who have poor immune system and become easily infected.
  • Patients before and after surgery. 
  • Women before and after labor.
  • People who have poor liver function and feel tired easily. 
  • People who have neurasthenia or sexual dysfunction.
  • People who have congenital gastrointestinal dysfunction.
  • People who have poor spirits and feel dizzy repeatedly. 
  • Young people who feel weak and sufffer from multiple diseases.
  • People who suffer from various unknown diseases.
  • People who prefer to eat meat over fruits and vegetables. 
  • People who are vegetarians.