1. What is Life Enzyme with Probiotics?

Life Enzyme with Probiotics is 100% natural whole food sourced from 150 fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  It has been fermented for one year using ancient, traditional oriental techniques to bring out the enzymes and nutrients needed for support towards a strong and balance immune system.  It also contains beneficial bacteria. 

2. Is Life Enzyme with Probiotics Organic?

Life enzyme is naturally extracted from a wide variety of organically grown warm and cold fruits, vegetables and herbal plants.

3. What do probiotics do to our body?

Probiotics aid in the breakdown of proteins and fats in food and help us to absorb vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They also boost the immune system and prevent or limit the growh of harmful bacteria like salmonella and E.coli, and be used to fight a host of common problems such as constipation, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance. 

4. Can Life Enzyme with Probiotics aid in weight loss?

Life Enzyme is not positioned as such but it can help.  Empty a scahet in 500ml of clean water.  Consume the whole day.  You may need two or three bottles of this mixture to keep from getting hungry or tired.  The one day fast helps your body make the Life Enzyme utilize the stored fat in your body so you can lose inchese plus it helps you to detoxify and rest your body form constant digestion. 

5. I just recently purchased Life Enzyme with Probiotics, how do I store it?

Store your Life Enzyme with Probiotics in a cool dry place.  Do not expose to heat or moisture. 

6. Is Life Enzyme with Probiotics vegan friendly?

Absolutely! Life Enzyme with Probiotics has no artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, artificial colors, no added sugar, no binders or fillers, no preservatives, no animal products, no egg, and no dairy. 

7. How should I take Life Enzyme with Probiotics?

You should take at least one (1) sachet a day, on an empty stomach or with meals to aid digestion.  It can be taken straight into mouth under the tongue (sublingual) or dilute in 200ml of water for drinking. DO NOT mix in hot liquid.

8. I am pregnant / nursing, can I take Life Enzyme with Probiotics?

Generally, it is safe to take Life Enzyme with Probiotics since it is derived from 100% natural ingredients but just to be sure it is best to consult your healthcare professional prior to to taking Life Enzyme with Probiotics. 

9. Are there any side effects when using Life Enzyme with Probiotics?

Life Enzyme with Probiotics only have positive side effects since it is all natural. 

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