1. When Should I replace my filter?

It is recommended to replace your solid carbon block filter Annually. In addition, in order for you to maintain your warranty for your Multipure Drinking Water System, you are required to replace your filter annually. 

2. I need my filter replaced, can you send someone to change my filter?

Yes, sure, we can send someone to replace your filter. Please contact us at +63 2 8 635 6566 to 68 / +63999 999 0812 (Smart) / +63917 579 8523 (Globe). You may also request filter replacement services through our Official Facebook Page or by simply filling up the Filter Replacement Service Request Form.

3. Can I change myself the filter of my Multipure Drinking Water System?

Yes, you can replace your own filter. Just make sure you open your unit gently and fully tigthen your unit to avoid water spilling out of your unit. If you encountered any problem while replacing your filter, please feel free to contact us at +63 2 8 635 6566 to 68 / +63999 999 0812 (Smart) / +63917 579 8523 (Globe).

4. What do I get when I opt in to get my unit serviced?

If you requested a service from us, you will receive the following services: thorough cleaning of your Multipure Drinking Water System, replacement of filter (if, applicable), cleaning or replacement of ceramic pre-filter (if, applicable), and a smile from our friendly technicians.

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