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  • Multipure Drinking Water System
    • What is NSF certification?
    • Are Multipure Drinking Water Systems certified to reduce contaminants of health concerns?
    • What contaminants are Multipure Drinking Water Systems NSF certified to reduce?
    • Can the Multipure Drinking System be used during an emergency or when the water is turned off?
    • Does the system remove the natural, healthy trace minerals such as calcium, magnessium, or potassium?
    • Why did Multipure design the filter to take out contaminants suchs as VOCs but not the natural mineral?
    • If the unit does not remove minerals, how does it take out lead?
    • If I leave on vacation, do I have to disconnect my filter?
  • Solid Carbon Block Filter
    • If a filter can take out Chlorine, can it also take out Trihahalomethanes (disinfection by-products)?
    • Can hot water be run through the filter?
    • Do the Multipure Solid Carbon Block Filter reduce fluoride?
  • Filter Replacement
    • When should I replace my filter?
    • I need my filter replaced, can you send someone to change my filter?
    • Can I change the filter of my Multipure Drink Water System?
    • What do I get when I opt in to get my unit serviced?
  • Life Enzyme with Probiotics
    • What is Life Enzyme with Probiotics?
    • Is Life Enzyme with Probiotics Organic?
    • What do probiotics do to our body?
    • Can Life Enzyme with Probiotics aid in weight loss?
    • I just recently purchased Life Enzyme with Probiotics, how do I store it?
    • Is Life Enzyme with Probiotics vegan friendly?
    • How should I take Life Enzyme with Probiotics?
    • I am pregnant/nursing, can I take Life Enzyme with Probiotics?
    • Are there any side effects when using Life Enzyme with Probiotics?
  • Essential Oils
    • When do essential oil expire?
    • Why should I put essential oils on my feet?
    • Will essential oils stain my clothes?
    • Are essential oils the same as fragrance oils?
    • What can I use to safely dilute essential oils for bath use?
    • How do I know which blend is right for me?
    • Where do I apply my blends?
    • Can I use essential oils during pregnancy?
    • Can I use essential oils on infants and children?
    • Why are there only 9 essential oils? Are you planning on adding more?
  • MyTLC Essential Oils
    • What is MyTLC essential oils?
    • What does MyTLC essential oils do to my body?
    • I just purchased MyTLC essential oils, how do I use it?
    • What is the shelf life of MyTLC essential oils?
    • How do I store MyTLC essential oils?
    • What precautionary measures do I need to know when using MyTLC essential oils?
    • Can I use MyTLC essential oils during preganancy/nursing?
  • Gourmet Teas
    • How many calories does a cup tea have?
    • Does tea have more caffeine than coffee?
    • Can my cup of tea be reheated?
    • How can tea effect weight loss?
    • What does it mean to allow the tea to steep?
    • How long does tea and how should I store it?
    • How much do I have to drink to get the full benefits?
    • Are the benefits of tea when I add milk and/or sugar to my cup?
    • Am I allowed to drink tea when pregnant?
  • Moroccan Argan Oil