1. What does L.E.A.P. Means?

LEAP stands for Legande Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program.  A step by step program that walks you through a business solution which best suits your personal strength, style and preferences.

2. What type of compensation plan does Legánde have?

Legande’s compensation plan is unilevel, and it is designed for Entrepeneurs to earn  up to ten (10) levels.

3. How many ways does an Entrepreneur earn at Legánde?

We offer 10 ways or what we call as 10 Roads to Success.

4. If I opt to simply sell, do I earn anything?

Yes, you earn a retail income.  Up to a maximum of 30% depending on product category and rank.

5. Can I also sponsor at the same time sell?

Yes, by all means.  You can do both.

6. Will I get anything if I sponsor?

You will get a retail income from your team member’s first purchse subject to some requirements. 

7. Will I earn from my team members sales?

You will earn bonuses, and it depends also on your Rank.

8. Is there a maintenance to earn bonuses?

For the Member to earn bonuses, he/she should have a monthly loyalty purchase depending on Rank.

9. What is meant by Rank?

​​​​​​When an Entrepreneur registers, he/she assumes the rank of a Warrior.  As he/she progresses in the business and upon qualification to certain requirements, he/she is promoted to the next level.

10. How do I get promoted?

There Is a goal to be promoted to the next higher rank.  The goal is cumulative and not time- bound.  However, we recommend that you set a specific time for yourself so you get to enjoy more bonuses the soonest possible time.

11. If I am not able to make a monthly loyatly purchase, will I still earn?

You will only earn retail income from your personal sales.

12. Is there a difference in income if I become promoted?

Yes, income potential increases when you achieve a higher rank depending upon the product  category.

13. How will the income be paid?

Pay-out will via your chosen payout method from the Entrepreneur's Portal;  Retail income is bi-monthly, other bonuses are quarterly and annually.

14. Do you have rewards?

We have rewards wherein an Entrepreneur can redeem prizes corresponding to the points earned.

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