1. Does Legánde follow a certain code of ethics?

Legánde follows a Code of Ethics.  This serves as our guiding principles designed to help us conduct business with honesty and integrity.

2. What are the code of ethics Legánde Entrepreneurs need to abide with?

  •  While building my business for profit, I will make the Golden Rule my ethic so that those around me may also grow and profit.
  • While seeking rewarding methods for my Network Marketing career, I will employ techniques and strategies that reflect positively on my profession, my company and myself.
  • I will familiarize myself with the rules and regulations of the Legande Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program.
  • I will endeavor to fulfill all commitments I make because my word is my bond.
  • I will provide training and encouragement to those with whom I work with to the best of my ability. I shall begin by being a role model to them.
  • While presenting my business opportunity to prospects, I shall in the best possible manner accurately reflect realistic earning potential to being an Entrepreneur.
  • I will advise the people in my sales network to carry inventory that is appropriate to their business needs.
  • Should a disagreement arise, I will make every effort to settle it in a spirit of cordiality.
  • While recognizing other companies or other Entrepreneurs as competitors, I will maintain loyalty to the profession at large by demonstrating professional and friendly attitude towards everyone.
  • I shall treat everyone I meet with the utmost dignity and respect, regardless if they belong in my network, or does not become my customer or business partner more so if they are members of other companies.

3. What happens if an entrepreneur violated the code of ethics?

Legánde will initiate a thorough investigation if an Entrepreneur violated the Code of Ethics.  If proven to have committed such act, he/she will be subjected to disciplinary action. 

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