100% Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil for the Hair


With its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, Argan Oil naturally helps increase hair's elasticity and consistently restores shine to dull, lifeless hair.



Benefits for the HAIR:

  • Hydrates your hair and locks in the moisture for whole day.
  • Helps against environmental hair damage (sun exposure, swimming pool or sea water).
  • Helps to get rid of dandruff in hair.
  • Remedy for itchy scalp.
  • Increases the life of color treated hair.
  • Roots to tips hair strengthening.

For Daytime Use

Rinse and pat dry hair after shampooing. Apply a few drops of Argan Oil to smoothen fly-away and frizzy hair. Style as usual. You can also mix a few drops of Argan Oil to your favorite shampoo, and  lather on hair as usual. Rinse thoroughly.



For Deep Conditioning Treatment

For more intensive conditioning, apply the Argan Oil on the scalp and hair strands. Place a shower cap on your head and leave the product on your hair for 30 minutes or even overnight before rinsing thoroughly. This may be done every night to improve hair texture and to deep condition highly damaged or chemically processed hair.