1. Why is argan oil desribed as liquid gold?

Argan oil is described as liquid gold because of its color and its many health benefits for the entire body. 

2. Can I use Legánde Argan Oil even I have oily skin?

Yes, argan oil is good for oily skin. Argan oil doesn't clog your pores rather absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any oily residue.

3. Can argan oil clog your pores?

Yes, if it is not 100% pure organic argan oil.  Good thing, Legánde's argan oil is 100% pure organic  therefore does not clog your pores.

4. I just purchased agan oil from Legánde, how should I store it?

The best way to store this oil is to keep it away from heat/high temperatures and inside something dark, becuase light and heat break down the oil's best properties. 

5. I have acne on my skin, is argan oil okay for me to use?

Yes, argan oil is good for acne skin.  Argan oil regulates the production of sebum, which causes acne, its use can help reduce further breakouts.

6. Can I refrigerate the argan oil I just purchased?

Like many natural oils, argan should be stored in a cool, dark place.  Always make sure you keep it away from heat and high temperatures. Refrigeration will not harm the oil, and will actually help it last longer.   If refrigerated, be sure you let it warm naturally back to room temperature before use.

7. Is it safe to leave argan oil in my hair everyday 24/7

Yes, as long as you use 100% pure argan oil. 

8. Can I use Argan oil to moisturize my face and body everyday?

Yes, if you don't have any allergies to natural oils, then you can use it as many times as you want.  But if you have nut allergies, then it's a good idea to first visit your health professional before using this oil. 

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